The Whitings' Wonderful World
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Satyre's Picture These pages show a bit of the wonderful life that we live. I have been a full-time homeschooling father for the past six years. I have been active on TAG education issues through OATAG and ORTAG. Through my children, I have become an active volunteer for MYSA (Metropolitan Youth Symphony), enjoyed hours of rehearsals of the Portland Opera, and had the opportunity of meeting many wonderful musicians. In my spare time, I enjoy creating programs for my Amiga computer and use it for everything I do. You can often find me on #AmigaCafe on the Undernet IRC, where I am known as Satyre. Enter Satyre's Sphere of interests.
Regina 2001 Pictorial Memorial of Regina

Our wonderful world has become not so wonderful. Regina was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma in March 2001. She succumbed to its inexorable progression on May 17, 2002. For more information about LMS, visit
Pumpkins Fall Near Home

Mt. Hood Mid-Winter Near Home

These pictures were taken the first two weeks of February at our home and around the Portland area.
Pumpkins Marina in Oregon Nov. 2002

Bullet Adam's Adventures
Bullet Willow's Wanderings


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