C Programs for use with Marcel Beck's YAM 2.x
Name Descriptions Date Size Get It
YToolsNG v1.3 English Deutsch Dansk Dansk Yours? Yours? Yours? 29May1998 56K Get It
ARexx Programs for use with Marcel Beck's YAM 2.x
Name ReadMe Short Description Date Size Get It
AttachMail v1.1 English Attaches selected email to the mail currently being edited 07Nov1999 2K English
DeDup v2.0 English Two scripts to remove all email duplicates from a folder 10Sep1998 14K English
GetXMailer v2.1 English Displays the X-Mailer: header of the selected mail(s). 07Nov1999 2K English
HEFY v1.6 English Attach an HTML version of the email body to an email. 06Oct1999 9K English
HTMLmail v1.0 English Displays the currently selected YAM mail in your browser.
It is intended for mail that is entirely in HTML format.
10Oct1998 2K English
MailSplit v3.1 English Create individual mail for each TO: CC: BCC: recipient 27Jul1999 3K English
ReDate v2.0 English Change Date: header in selected mail(s) to the date received 04Oct1999 3K English
ReplyDigest v1.0 English Reply to a selected message within a digest 05Nov1999 8K English
UnStack v1.0 English Separates a file of 'joined' mail into YAM useable form 09Sep1999 4K English
WebMail v2.4 English Invokes Yam2.x from your browser when clicking on a mailto: link 10Sep1998 2K English
Yam2URL v1.5 English Display URL when double-clicking on it in your browser.
Display HTML attachment in your browser.
22Mar1999 3K English

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